I’ve created a Zoomcloud for this site:

Interesting stuff. Each tag shown gives an indication of my twisted mind.


It’s not showing for some reason. It made me sad.


It didn’t like the automatic breaks that MT inserted into the javascript – it should be OK now.

  1. WordPress did the same. Also, the CSS should really not be in the body part of your template. I just didn’t post it, and let my regular stylesheet take care of it.

  2. It was ignoring mine as well, untill I put it into the ‘pre’ tag, but then the site doesn’t validate. As it wasn’t too shabby looking anyway, I just got rid of the CSS.

  3. Boobies are never far from my mind. Same with food. Now, if only I can combine the two….

  4. I’m finding my individual pages very slow to load at the moment. That’s either due to cocomment or typekey, not sure which.

    Cocomment does seem to be slow to pick up some comments though, if at all. Still, early days.

  5. When I try to load your page, it seems to be waiting for flickr a lot. That seems to be taking most of the time. Once it’s not waiting for some page, the Cocomment thing loads quickly.

    Meanwhile, after I posted a request for Newsvine support, someone from over there, or so I suppose, already signed up at Newsvine.

  6. Boobie buns, that’ll eb Dave spent for the day.

    Something causing full posts to hang, and being told I’m flooding when it’s been near an hour.

  7. That should be much quicker now – I had some Flickrshow javascript after a test a couple of days ago. I deleted the post but like the lazy boy I am I left the scripts within the headers.

    Loads much quicker now

  8. True, it does load faster. Now if it only would save my most interesting comments to Cocomment …

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