Yo! Sushi


Jo and I decided to spoil ourselves for lunch today so we headed into town to sample to culinary delights of Yo! Sushi. Jo is a big fan of the uncooked fish and I’ve really enjoyed the few bits and pieces of sushi that I’ve sampled before.

You can order individual cooked dishes if you prefer (I had a rather nice Chicken Katsu Curry) but most of the food arrives in bowls travelling along a little conveyor belt. Each dish is colour-coded and different colours are charged different amount. You pick your bowls, eat your food and are charged by counting the pile of bowls at the end.

It’s a great idea and I was impressed by the convenience of this method of food delivery. The food itself was mostly delicious. I wasn’t so enamoured by one dish (a tofu salad) but the octopus was delicious and I ate a number of lovely dishes involving uncooked fish.

If you’re not careful, though, it can turn out to be quite expensive. The dishes are all small and we ended up eating 14 between us. 14! It’s probably better to have a little self-control when eating here otherwise you can end up with a large bill. I can’t really complain – it’s a funky, little sushi bar and the food really was delicious.

It’s right on Fletcher Gate if you’re thinking of going. Don’t forget the Aubergine Salad – it’s utterly delicious.