Yet another new theme

My quest for a blog theme continues. This time I’m trying out Irresistible by Woo Themes, a rather nice free theme with lots of options.

This includes something that I’ve been after for a while: a lifestream. It’s not that my life is particularly exciting or anything, it’s just that I’ve been wanting to incorporate a feed of my various internet-related activities into one place, and now I have one.

It uses the Lifestream plugin for WordPress and integrates nicely with the custom front page. I also like the option for some Flickr thumbnails in there too.

There are various things that need changing. I’m not happy with the font choices (colour and sizes) and I need to create a new logo, or figure out how to use the blog name instead of an image. These things I can figure out but might take a few days/weeks/months. Expect things to break when I start to arse around with the CSS.

I think I’d also like to make a few changes to the layout, but we’ll see. I’m notoriously fickle when it comes to blog themes and there seems little point in investing lots of time into designing new elements, or changing existing ones too much, if I’m just going to ditch it for something else later on.

I do rather like this one, though. However, I also said that about the previous one. And the one before that

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