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I love food.

I’m sure I have stated this many times before but there are some particularly important aspects of my life and enjoying a good meal is high on the list. I can’t think of many more pleasurable experiences while keeping your clothes on.

Thankfully I can cook, as long as I have a decent recipe. I can follow instructions pretty well and I’m happy to experiment with ingredients. There aren’t too many things I won’t eat – I just love good quality food and there are some really good quality restaurants in our local area for us to visit.

Perhaps the best among these is World Service. This lovingly decorated restaurant has won the ‘Best Overall Restaurant’ in Nottingham’s prestigious restaurant award for four out of the last five years and provides a wonderful location for a meal. Luckily for us my Dad and Step-mum decided to treat us to a meal and we arranged to eat here.

A good meal can be ruined by poor surroundings, but that certainly isn’t a problem at World Service. They’ve decorated the restaurant in a Colonial English style, like you’d imagine a posh Victorian eatery owned by someone with a fascination for the Orient. There are stuffed animals, stone Buddhas and all sorts of weird and wonderful bric-a-brac arranged tastefully around the otherwise modern surroundings. Somehow they’ve successfully combined the old and new in a quite wonderful fashion.

The service was very friendly and efficient and not at all stuffy. When we visited Harts last year the only thing we could really find fault with was the slightly standoffish waiters. Some people like that but World Service provide a more friendly atmosphere, something I found very welcome.

While we were sat waiting for our table and looking at the menu we were brought some little canapés. They were delicious and a really nice touch. The wine list was very extensive with a large selection of fine wines. Prices ranged from £14 to £1500! We stayed off the fine wine list and ordered something more sensible – a delicious red wine from the Saumur region of France.

After a short while our table was ready and our food ordered. The menu changes every day apparently and there was plenty to admire on the one produced last night. I ordered a Duck Samosa with Ginger and Pickled Carrot Salad and the others had a quite delicious-looking selection – the soft-shelled Crab and pigeon terrine both looked wonderful.

We were all delighted with our starters and the fabulous quality of the food continued with our main courses too. My Dad’s Sea Bass looked fantastic and Jo’s Pork was utterly delicious. My own main course had my taste buds in a frenzy – a quite superb Venison dish that involved a small portion of Foie Gras.

Now, I’ve never eaten Foie Gras before but I saw it on the menu and I just had to try it. I have no idea if this was ethically sourced or not (the force-feeding of geese to produce the best Foie Gras is rather unpleasant) but however it was farmed it was my favourite item of the evening. It was seared and just so delicious that I’m pushed to write a suitable superlative to describe it. The Venison was pink and so tender that I had to slow myself down so that I didn’t gobble it all up in seconds.

Dessert continued in the same, delicious vein. My Dark Chocolate Tart was lovely and it came with some Passionfruit Sorbet that exploded with flavour.

Dining this well is expensive though. I won’t divulge how much it all cost but my Dad insisted on paying. Cheers Dad! We will definitely return the favour at some point.

I can see why this restaurant is so popular. The food is as good as you’d ever hope for and it’s tastefully presented. The service is as good as I’ve ever had, anywhere, and the restaurant itself is a wonderful place to eat. If you have a special occasion and don’t mind cranking up the Visa bill then I would heartily recommend World Service.

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  1. Vans never used to come round ours, streets were a bit too narrow and the two corner shops were out, one owned by family friend so it would get back and the other meant a long climb back and I couldn’t be arsed.

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