Wonky Smile

I’ve been spending some time going over my old photos in iPhoto recently. I’ve found that this is a particularly useful application for arranging my shots and it also doubles as a half-decent photograph “improver”.

It’s certainly not in the same league as Photoshop or Aperture by any stretch of the imagination, but it does a really good job of cropping, straightening and level adjustments. I’ve been able to going through a whole bunch of photos quite quickly and make little changes here and there.

This would have taken me far, far longer in The GIMP, and as much as I’m a fan of the Open Source underdog I’ve got to give praise where it’s due. iPhoto does a really good job of the organising and simpler changes whereas I’m still going to need a more advanced application to do the more in-depth modifications I may want to do every now and again.

Anyway, there’s probably a whole other article in there somewhere. In the meantime here’s an example of what iPhoto can do:

That wonky smile again (by rutty)

This shot was taken on my birthday back in June by my girlfriend Jo. I’m not sure why but I overlooked it when I was importing my photos at the time and I’m pleased that I’ve rediscovered it. I’ve used iPhoto to crop it, adjusted the shadows so that the right side of my face is showing a bit more detail and then I’ve desaturated it before warming it up a little. It’s given the photo a nice sepia-like tint.

I could have used one of the built-in effects to do something similar but I like to have a little more control over what happens to the shot.

I was really pleased how this came out. Jo has managed to capture a very natural photo of me, something I failed to do in the whole time I was taking a daily self-portrait!

I’ll add more photos on here every now and again. The blog does benefit from the occasional image, but I promise not to put too many more of my ugly mug up here.

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