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Women = wusses

A BBC news story today has confirmed something that I’ve thought for a long time. Women tend to talk a lot of crap.

I’ve been told no end of times, by multiple women, that men are big cry babys and can’t cope with pain. “Try having a baby then tell me what pain is” they say, even if they’ve never had one themselves, or they go on about how men wouldn’t be able to cope with period pain.

Well girls, research has found you out! Women feel pain more quickly than men and can endure it for less time. Read about it HERE, then no doubt complain about it to your friends.

So there you go. Looks like we could cope with having a baby after all, and better than you! It’s such a shame that it’s biologically impossible.

  1. It can be arranged for you to find out what childbirth feels like you know…! Let your imagination run wild with that one brother dearest!

  2. Having read the article it also strikes me that women have more sense than to sit with their arms in a vat of icewater…

  3. Kidney stones are meant to be more painful than giving birth and the former are a piece of piss so latter is just them whining for nowt.

  4. “Looks like we could cope with having a baby after all”

    Well it’s meant to be less painful than passing a kidney stone and they’re a piece of piss

  5. Now I got an error 500 when posting that first one, wasn’t there when I came back but appeared when posting again :confused:

  6. That’s been happening to me a bit too. Not entirely sure what that’s about sadly.

    I need to update the site files anyway. I’ll do that then see if I still get the server errors. Always best to ignore these things as long as possible ;p

  7. I think cPanel fixed itself. I’m assuming that they have an auto-update that’s incorporated the fix – either way I’ve not noticed the error for a few days.

    Anyway, back on topic. I’ve been married – I know what pain is 😉

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