Wollaton Park

Wollaton Park

Wollaton Park, originally uploaded by rutty.


I had a day off today so we decided that it’d be a good idea to head out for some fresh air. Most days we just head into Beeston for a coffee but Jo fancied visiting a shop in Wollaton, so we headed there instead.

Wollaton hasn’t many shops – only a surprising few compared to Beeston – but it does have the rather wonderful Cheesecake Shop. If you like sloppy cake-like food then this is the place to go! It’s not cheap but the cheesecakes – and other produce – look (and taste) absolutely delicious. Nice coffee too.

After a small snack we visited Wollaton Park, where we hoped that a little walk with Ruby in the pram would send her off for a little nap. She didn’t comply, as is her wont.

I hadn’t been here for a while but I think we’ll be back frequently with Ruby. It’s a lovely place for a walk and there’s a museum, café etc too. There are also some deer wandering around the place. They’re quite used to having people around so you can get quite close if you dare, though it’s probably best to leave them alone.

The deer were a little too far away to take any photos so I took a few of the park itself. I liked this one best

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