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Withdrawal Symptoms

NTL have broken my internet connection at home. This means that since about 23:30 last Tuesday I’ve had no way of getting online other than here at work (where I shouldn’t be spending the time to type this out).

I’ve found all this web-free time to be quite traumatic. I’ve started to get the feeling back in my hands, I appear to have full mobility in my wrists for the first time in years and I’ve read most of a Robert Rankin novel (The Witches of Chiswick). This just can’t go on! I need my connection and increased chances of RSI!

Thankfully there’s an NTL engineer on his way to fix it this afternoon. Considering how shit NTL are I’d put money on me being without a ‘net connection for a few days yet. Tits ;¬(

  1. NTL have to be the worst Internet provider I’ve every come across. I had to complain to engineers that were installing a connection at my neighbour house for taking the cable from the pavement junction box to the house along the side of the wall facing our drive, whilst my car was on the drive! They then came and re-ran the cable up through the garden like they’re supposed to do, ‘cept they didn’t even bother to bury it. They haven’t even protected the cable as it comes out of the pavement! Apparently their work inside the house wasn’t too clever either.

    Given the amount of competition in the broadband arena these days I’d get on to and find yourself a better provider. Unless of course you stuck in a minimum 12 month clause.

  2. NTL are shite, there’s no doubt about it. I’m tapped off my housemate’s connection (with permission of course!) and as NTL are about to upgrade our 756k line to 2MB for free it’s probably worth hanging around for a bit longer.

    However, Patrick has already said that he’d consider moving providers if we have more problems. This is the second lengthy outage we’ve had in six months or so – not good at all.

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