Wireless problems

I’ve had internet problems at home for a while. I’ve had to go the wireless route so that I can tap off the NTL cable modem two floors up, and this has proved problematic for when I’m using Linux. I did have a wireless ethernet card installed in my PC and nothing I did could get the bloody thing configured.

So, I bought a wireless ethernet bridge. This requires no specific OS to run as it just sits by itself and communicates via the air interface to the wireless router upstairs, then it provides a standard ethernet output to my PC. Ethernet NICs are really easy to configure in Linux – self-configuring even.

However, since I got the wireless bridge my connection has been a bit hit and miss. It usually worked but there were occasions when it didn’t – there appeared to be no connection at all between the bridge and the router.

I’ve eventually figured out what it was, and thankfully it was one of those easily missed but easily fixed problems. The aerial on the wireless bridge wasn’t quite screwed in all the way, thus reducing the signal strength into the bridge. I’ve given it a good twist and now the connection seems solid. Let’s hope it stays that way.

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