Windows Live Mail Beta

I signed up for the beta of Windows Live Mail (the replacement for Hotmail) at the beginning of the year. I tend to use Googlemail more often these days, but I still use my Hotmail account every now and again.

Unfortunately, it’s complete and utter rubbish in Firefox.

OK, I thought. They’re going to concentrate on getting it to work properly in IE first, with it being a Microsoft product and all. It looks quite nice in IE, though the whole thing looks very cluttered and very slow to load due to the number of buit-in features. In Firefox they’ve removed nearly all of the useful features and left it with bare-bones functionality. I can login, read my mail, send mail, delete it and move it between folders, but that’s just about it.

Now, it’s been months since I signed up and there’s been no improvement at all in the interface on Firefox. There appears to be no effort at all to get it working. They’ve managed it with the homepage (mostly) but seem incapable of designing Windows Live Mail so that it works in all browsers. They’re not sticking to the w3c web standards with it, and it shows. Bloated, slow pages with a poor user-experience even in IE.

It’d be nice if it worked, but the beta version is severely under-par. I hope that there are plenty of improvements in the works because they are miles behind Googlemail, and that’s hardly perfect either.

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