Why kids are bad #236

Kids are nasty bastards, even when they’re very young. Let’s take the example of the daughter of a mate at work. For reasons of anonymity let’s call him “Tony”. Now, Tony has a five year-old daughter that appears to have developed the early stages of Parent Embarrassment Syndrome, where she’s now capable of saying things at school that bring shame upon her parents.

Recently she decided to tell someone at her school that her Dad, the erstwhile and completely anonymous Tony, likes to “dress like a girl”. As you do. Naturally, Tony decided to tell this to someone at work who thankfully told everyone else rather than just keeping it to himself.

No doubt everyone at Tony’s school thinks he’s a raving, perverted transvestite most probably. He maintains that his daughter said it because she thought it was funny. Well Tony, we think it’s funny too. He also maintains that these claims are unfounded and that he doesn’t want to be a Lady. Well Tony, we’ve found some evidence that is contrary to this:

I'm a LADY

So this is why you never invite anyone round eh? Too busy trying on the latest number from Ann Summers? Nice!

PS, nice tits!

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