Why I really shouldn’t do sports

As expected, but later than I thought, I seem to have temporarily stuffed up one of my limbs playing football. Even during my younger years I seemed prone to hurting myself during various team games, especially ones that required me to run about and kick stuff.

I play football on Wednesdays. We’re just a bunch of guys from work and most of them are my age. It’s not like I’m up against 18 year-olds or anything but every week I get various knocks, scrapes and bruises. This last Wednesday, though, I ended up almost crippling myself. I was getting stuck in, as you do, and tussled with a bigger, stronger player. He used his size advantage to give me a little nudge with his thigh thus knocking my right leg into my left. Somehow my left knee twisted badly – I heard a very loud click and fell over like I’d been shot.

I had to get picked up from the pitch by my girlfriend, who’s thankfully a nurse, and we headed home to sort it out. We didn’t think it was broken but two days later it’s swollen up like a balloon and I can hardly walk. I can’t really straighten it out and I can’t bend it too much either.

So much for getting fit. At least I’ve had a couple of days off work which I’ve spent with my leg rested on cushions while I’ve read a few hundred pages of my current book The Runes of the Earth by Stephen Donaldson. I’m very excited about re-visiting The Land and learning what has happened since the previous trilogy. The Thomas Covenant stories are my utter favourite of all.

Let’s hope I can get back to work on Monday though. I normally can’t stand being off sick.

By rutty

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