Why cohabitation is bad

Poor, poor women. It would appear that men cause you to become fat. Forget chocolate and cream-cakes, it’s men that pile the pounds on you, but only when you go and live with them.

You see, it’s all down to living together. Us blokes can eat more than you can, it’s in our genetic make-up that we can stuff our faces with more food than our fairer counterparts. Unfortunately once you start living with us it appears that you take it upon yourselves to match is pie for pie, pizza slice for pizza slice, at mealtimes. This isn’t helping you keep that svelte figure of yours and is supposedly a prime reason for you getting chubbier once you get married/cohabit.

Someone’s even done some research into it.

A UK obesity expert has analysed why it is that women who move in with their man often put on weight as a result.

Eating man-sized portions and indulging in richer foods and wines can lead to weight gain, a review in The Lancet medical journal says.

When you combine that with going on the contraceptive pill or having babies, a woman’s waistline can severely suffer, says author Dr David Haslam.

“Men are very bad for women really,” he said.

So there you have it. Don’t move in with your bloke seems to be the Doctor’s advice.

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