White Post Farm

Last weekend Jo and I enjoyed the company of a seven year-old girl – the daughter of a friend of ours. We were looking after her while her parents were busy sanding the wooden floors in their house, and no attempts were made to hide her away in a draw under our bed.

Instead, we decided to take her to the see some lambs and ducks at White Post Farm, a child-friendly farm not too far North of Nottingham. We were expecting to spend an hour or so petting the odd goat (not a euphemism) and feeding some aggressive geese but it turned out to be quite a lengthy visit due to the sheer number of things to do.

We bought some feed on the way in. You can either get the duck feed or opt for food for the larger animals. We spurned the noisy, beaky kind and went to feed some lambs. It turned out that there was quite the selection of goats, sheep and llamas, among numerous other four-legged farm animals. We spent quite a while walking around visiting these lovely beasts.

Feeding the Llamas (by rutty)

Our young visitor was a little scared by the feeding frenzy but Uncle Davey was more than happy to help out with the pellets. This was a lot of fun, especially to a big kid like myself!

White Post Farm isn’t especially huge but it manages to fit in a lot of fun into its grounds. There are a couple of outdoor play areas and a little racetrack with peddle cars. I’d have had a go but my leg was not in any condition to be peddling away.

Little piggy bottoms (by rutty)

In addition to the outdoor animals there are a few indoor areas to explore too. In the main barn there were chipmunks, ferrets, pigs, lambs, rabbits and no end of cute, little chicks. My favourites were the feeding pigs enjoying a fresh batch of sow milk straight from the teat. These little buggers really know how to tuck into a good meal – you could see the scratch marks all over the underside of the poor mother pig.

I couldn’t help admiring their cuteness, along with the dilemma that these little guys are going to be so delicious in-between a couple of slices of bread, with a little mustard and salad. Yum yum.

We also visited the reptile house. The lizards and snakes were far from delicious-looking but had a certain appeal of their own. There were some huge snakes and a few deadly-looking spiders but I enjoyed the lizards most of all, especially after watching the excellent Life in Cold Blood recently. David Attenborough – you are a GOD among men.

Fancy a hug? (by rutty)

Not content with allowing small children to annoy all their animals the White Post Farm staff decided to get their own back on all the parents by putting on a little Pantomime. I’m sure this was great for the kids but these sort of things get old really fast to an old grump like me. Still, I could quite fancy the Easter Bunny (sorry Jo).

Still, it’s a great place to take your kids and I found it a lot of fun too. Everything is very well organised and the staff are very helpful. There’s lots to do outside but plenty to keep you happy inside too, so you don’t even need to be too concerned about the weather.

I’d even go without taking any kids with me!

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