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While my cornet gently weeps

Things have been very quiet on here for a while. I’ve had loads of stuff going on, mostly related to band, photography and girlfriend (not necessarily in that order) but it’s about time I added something new.

The weekend before last saw me competing in the Butlins Mineworkers’ Contest in Skegness. This isn’t a competition to see who can mine the most coal in a set time period, but rather a brass band contest centred around bands with a history of coal mining. My band, Carlton Brass, doesn’t (we’ve got the railways in our past) but as the collierys have dwindled so have the bands and so the contest entry has widened to encapsulate anyone.

Skegness is a little bit too bracing in January but this doesn’t seem to affect the temperatures in the bar or in the contest venues. We all had a great time despite the overpriced, shitty beer and howling winds. Some of the entertainment was very good (see my photos of the weekend HERE) and we were pleased to finish a very respectable third out of seventeen in our section.

I’ll revise that statement. We were actually initially disappointed with third place. We’d played very well on stage and were hoping for the win. In the end I think that second or third was about right but as we’ve had a lot of success over the years, and even won this contest two years ago, third place starts to disappoint a little bit. We’ll just have to cut out those little mistakes that cost us and win the sodding thing next year.

We’ll be back next year for certain. It’s too much fun to miss.

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