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Where I’m going to live. Possibly.

I’ve been putting some thought into where I’m going to be living in the future. I really want to stay in Nottingham – it’s a great city, plenty to do and I really enjoy my job here, so I was pleased to find that there’s a development of any old property that’s going to be right up my alley.

Old MillI was walking through Beeston the other day and I was taking part in one of my favourite activities – looking in Estate Agent windows. I like seeing how much it costs to buy houses, seeing what a shabby semi costs in Beeston and the like. House round here are more expensive than my previous house in Heanor.

Anyway, there was an advert in the window of one agent, Walkers, that showed an old mill, one that is on the main road into Beeston. It’s a magnificent building and they’re going to be renovating it. In fact, they’re converting the whole site into a complex of shops, businesses and over one hundred new apartments.

Old MillI was rather pleased to see this, because I live only about 100 yards from this place and walk past it on the way to work. I’ve often thought that it would be nice if they converted it into apartments, because I can just imagine myself living in something like that. It’s almost exactly what I’d be after, and it’s within an easy walk of work.

I only need a small place, in fact I don’t think I even want anything too big. A one bedroom studio flat would do me nicely, as long as there was a reasonable open-plan living space. I dream of sleeping on one of those mezzanine beds, where the “bedroom” is just a raised platform within a high-ceilinged room, but I suppose something that grand would be out of my price range.

It’s also a shame that the development of the mill has had a setback of a couple of months. The building had a quite major fire the other week, and you can see that in the photos. The roof was completely destroyed, but I’m told that planning permission is in for a new roof and the first flats should become available about June time next year.

We’ll see if it works out. I’m sure that there’ll be plenty of interest in those apartments, so we’ll see if I have the funds available to me at the time. Here’s hoping.

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