Wheel of Time – moving on

One of my favourite book series has been Robert Jordan’s rather excellent Wheel of Time. I absolutely adored the first six or so books of the series, and even though it started to drag a bit under the weight of increasing numbers of storylines in later books I still really, really want to know how it all turns out.

I was utterly gutted when Robert Jordan died last year. He’d developed a rare blood disorder and never got to complete the twelfth, and final, book in the series. He’s always said that he’d continue writing until they nailed down the lid on his coffin, and this turned out to be a little earlier than he expected.

Still, how was it all going to end? Would Rand al’Thor be victorious? Would the world be torn apart in a huge cataclysm? Who would be the author chosen to finish it off?

It turns out that Brandon Sanderson is going to finish it. I’d not heard of him before but it turns out he’s an up-and-coming fantasy author of some repute – very promising indeed. In fact, I’ve only found this information out after receiving his novel, Mistborn, as a free download after signing up for Tor’s newsletter.

It seems that Jordan’s wife will make sure that it’ll all be done right:

Sanderson will have large shoes to fill in his role bringing A Memory of Light to publication but will work very closely with Jordan’s longtime editor, Harriet Rigney, to be sure that the writing stays true to Jordan’s voice. Jordan himself worked on the novel almost daily for the last few months of his life and according to Harriet: “Some scenes were completed by Robert Jordan, and some exist in draft form; he left copious notes and hours of audio recordings.”

Sanderson knows that fans are very anxious to read the last novel in The Wheel of Time series and says, “I’m both extremely excited and daunted by this opportunity. There is only one man who could have done this book the way it deserved to be written, and we lost him in September. However, I promise to do my very best to remain true to Mr. Jordan’s vision and produce the book we have all been waiting to read.”

I can hardly wait. Good look Brandon!

Anyway, as I mentioned earlier I’ve started to receive free Sci-Fi and Fantasy novels via email after signing up for Tor’s newsletter. The next one is John Scalzi’s novels, Old Man’s War. I’m sure that after reading these books I’ll be buying some of Tor’s other releases.

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