What’s that Skippy?

I did my level best at the weekend to reduce the vermin prevelant in Australia. I went to the Walkabout in town and purloined one of their excellent Kangaroo burgers. It was a darker meat than I expected, a bit like beef I suppose and tasted very nice indeed for an overgrown rat.

Unfortunately it appears that the Aussies are a little more squeamish about eating these insane rodents. They see the Kangaroo as a kind of national treasure and prefer not to put them on their dinner plates, so an Australian food magazine has promoted a competition to find a new name for the meat. Some yank working in Sydney came up with the winning entry: Australus.

Personally I couldn’t care less if the bloody things were all slaughtered to be made into sausages. They’re pests, just like foxes and rabbits, and just because they’re cute (in some people’s eyes at least) that doesn’t make them any less edible or delicious with a side of chips.

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