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What?, originally uploaded by rutty.

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It’s somewhat difficult to get Ruby to stop moving around long enough to get a decent photo of her. She’s not one for smiling to the camera for sure.

Still, I managed to get this interesting expression from her today. I’m not really sure what’s going through her mind though.

  1. Maybe she’s perfecting her Blue Steel model look ( did you see Zoolander?)

    All well here following a night away to celebrate an anniversary, so despite feeling a mite fragile it’s all good and I hope the same is with you and yours

    PS Did you like Firefly ?

  2. What a stunning photo. Just shows some of the best pictures don’t require a smile. Keep them coming.

  3. Hi Lol. Only 3 episodes in so far and I’m really enjoying it. Typical Whedon. Shame they cancelled it. Not seen Zoolander yet but I will sooner or later.

    Is your anniversary the same as ours? 22nd?

  4. Cheers Marc. She’ll be sick of me waving a camera around in her face before she’s too much older 😉

  5. Al and I always celebrate the anniversary of our first date together which was 21st May as the wedding itself which happened three years later was merely a formality ( I knew before I went out with him that we would get married. Don’t ask, I’m odd that way).

    Check out the Firefly film when you have finished the series, it’s called Serenity but I like to think of it as Cowboys in Spaaaaace

  6. Just a quick ‘un to say Zoolander is on tonight ( Channel 4) and belated Happy Birthday from all of us . 42 eh ?

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