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It’s somewhat difficult to get Ruby to stop moving around long enough to get a decent photo of her. She’s not one for smiling to the camera for sure.

Still, I managed to get this interesting expression from her today. I’m not really sure what’s going through her mind though.

By rutty

Tall. Likes brass bands. Tests your software


  1. Maybe she’s perfecting her Blue Steel model look ( did you see Zoolander?)

    All well here following a night away to celebrate an anniversary, so despite feeling a mite fragile it’s all good and I hope the same is with you and yours

    PS Did you like Firefly ?

  2. What a stunning photo. Just shows some of the best pictures don’t require a smile. Keep them coming.

  3. Hi Lol. Only 3 episodes in so far and I’m really enjoying it. Typical Whedon. Shame they cancelled it. Not seen Zoolander yet but I will sooner or later.

    Is your anniversary the same as ours? 22nd?

  4. Cheers Marc. She’ll be sick of me waving a camera around in her face before she’s too much older πŸ˜‰

  5. Al and I always celebrate the anniversary of our first date together which was 21st May as the wedding itself which happened three years later was merely a formality ( I knew before I went out with him that we would get married. Don’t ask, I’m odd that way).

    Check out the Firefly film when you have finished the series, it’s called Serenity but I like to think of it as Cowboys in Spaaaaace

  6. Just a quick ‘un to say Zoolander is on tonight ( Channel 4) and belated Happy Birthday from all of us . 42 eh ?

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