What are testers?

I’m often asked what I do for a living, and when I tell them I am a software tester I do wonder if they think it is an easy job that any idiot can do. Well, good testers are certainly not idiots and are an essential part of any software development team. I think I’m a good tester; I enjoy my job and do try and explore the many options and methodologies available to us.

I particularly enjoyed the following article by Paul, who I think might just be a very good tester indeed. If you ever wanted to know what a tester actually does, then have a read of Paul’s article. This is a good taste of what it is like.

When I first started testing my role description was Tester. In the numerous years that have rolled by since stumbling into the most satisfying phase of my career, I have been both Tester and QA. My previous role had me labelled Principal QA Analyst, my current role Senior Test Engineer. In official communication I will […]

via The Illusion of Quality Assurance — @Beaglesays

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