We = winners!

Bloody hell, we won! Carlton Brass are now Butlin’s Mineworkers Second Section Champion Band 2004!

Once we’d finished our performance of Bruce Fraser’s Verona Lights fellow band cohort Steph said to me “We just played a blinder”, and she was right. The adjudicator thought that we’d played the best performance of that piece at the contest and placed in first, two points ahead of Shirland Welfare Training Band.

It was a shame that we couldn’t have stayed for the results. Our coach had to leave at 6pm and they announced the results at 8pm, the rotten sods. Our contest secretary was still there along with a few others that had ordered a chalet. Still, Steve brought the cup home to our local pub so we could all sip brandy from it in a proper celebration.

We’ll be back next year to defend the title and we’ll definitely be staying for the weekend, oh yes. We’ll be getting pissed at Butlin’s next January whether we win again or not!

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