Water, originally uploaded by rutty.


Babies are toxic. They might look cute but they carry some of the most virulent viruses know to mankind.

A friend of ours has a daughter and she had gastroenteritis. Not a pleasant experience for a 5 month old! Since then a number of babies in our group have had similar (if less severe) vomiting problems, including our Ruby.

Because she can’t keep her germs to herself both Jo and I have joined in. Thankfully, we started at different times, so Jo was ill first and I could tend to her fevered brow while looking after Ruby then when I came down with it she could do the same for us. We’ve just about coped with our first (and definitely not last) bout of baby illness.

Ruby is OK apart from some runny nappy issues. I’m about ready to drop (hence the rather sub-standard photo for today)

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