Wanting new joints

I’ve been suffering with a very poorly left knee over the last few weeks after a small tangle with a burly Yorkshireman on a football pitch. It’s taken a while to improve, but the swelling is almost gone and I can bend my leg as normal, although straightening it provides some pain still.

Due to my near leg-normality I decided it was time to restart exercising, so I hopped back onto the cross-trainer. I did 20 minutes both last night and the night before, so it seems that my left knee is fine. However, my right knee is another matter entirely.

I don’t know why my joints do this but some of them seem intent on creating loud clicking noises when I use them, especially when they’re under strain – like when I’m climbing stairs, or maybe running up a fake hill on the cross-trainer. Both my right knee and right ankle decided to perform a small symphony of clickiness while I was exercising last night and I really don’t like it.

It’s so loud! I’m not entirely sure why this happens but apparently it may be due to “relatively lax joint capsules that allows more than a usual amount of movement.”

I always wanted lax joints obviously.

At least I’ve not noticed any obvious pain since I’ve done this recent exercise and it looks like I’ll be able to get back playing football next week. I think I’ll need to get a good knee brace or something so that I’m offering some protection towards the persistent leg-mangling efforts of some of my workmates.

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