Using Selenium

There’s an increasing need to use automation to assist with our testing. We are about to launch into developing a huge, new system that interacts with all sorts of existing systems. This is an off-the-shelf application (which will require limited testing itself) which is to replace some existing systems, expand the capability of current users and hopefully make everything easier for everyone.

We will need to create a whole pile of integration tests and along with some business process tests. Automating some of the checking of the business processes early on will ensure that we will have more time to spend on the tricky bits (like testing the interfaces).

The prime candidate for automation tool is Selenium Webdriver. I’ve only used it briefly, though have had some experience with its older sibling Selenium RC. I’ve never created a project like this from scratch before, though I have helped create one using HP QTP. I’m familiar with the basic steps of creating an automated test package, but I am in dire need of some education to help make better decisions before I dive in both feet first (and make an utter dog’s dinner of it).

So, I have subscribed to an excellent, free starter course by Dave Haeffner (which is delivered by email; and I shall also be watching this Youtube video:

We may have other options. I have also been familiarising myself with Visual Studio, a product I’ve not used before. I’ve downloaded the Community addition and tried a few guides, and it looks like a pretty decent IDE for coding. We will probably use C# (I’ll need to convert my java experience, but this seems doable). You can automate with Visual Studio  but you need the Enterprise edition (too expensive, most likely). We are also considering other tools, but Selenium seems to be a good choice for our needs.

I need to be careful not to concentrate so much on the automation that I forget to actually do some testing. It’s easy to get buried in technical solutions and ignore the important stuff. I’ll be sure to add some time in there for exploratory testing and I’ll be talking to our UX folks to assist with making sure that our users will like it.

So far my new job has been rather good. Lots of scope for learning new things, great people to work with and a fantastic supportive work environment.

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