I updated my blog to WordPress version 2.5 last night and, as usual, I managed to make a right dog’s mess of the whole thing. I’m not sure how I do it but these things always seem to go wrong.

Most of my problems, this time, seemed to be down to my choice for FTP client. For some reason Cyberduck kept failing to read files from the remote server and failing the uploads. I would retry and it would work for a while, before failing on a different file before making me try the whole lot again. It proved to be very frustrating, so I tried a different client.

I Googled around for OSX-friendly FTP clients and came up with Fetch. This managed to upload all my files all in one go, without failing at all. My site came back up straight away and I was done. I only have 15 days to trial it before having to buy a license but it seems to work quite well and I may well fork out the £13 or so. There’s no point having free software if it doesn’t work properly.

The thing is, I have no idea why Cyberduck failed as it did. It really shouldn’t have and I’m irritated, slightly, by the problems. I quite like the application so it’s a shame that it hasn’t quite worked out – I like the duck!

Anyway, WordPress is now at the latest version and there have been some changes to the admin presentation that are taking some getting used to. It looks a bit nicer but plenty of options have been moved around and things are never quite where you expect them to be. I’m also currently having problems with the visual editor – the “add link” pop-up window is showing up blank for some reason.

I’m sure that it’ll all work out OK though. The new admin design seems a little cleaner and arranged more logically than before. We shall see.

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  1. It turns out that the pop-up windows just needed a cache clear-out for them to work again. It seems pretty slick at the moment but I’m sure that some further problems will arise in time

  2. You could try the WP Automatic Upgrade plugin, does all the backup files and db, deactivate plugins, upload/overwrite files, reactivate plugins stuff in a few clicks.

    Totally b0rked for me as Advanced Permalinks plugin doesn’t work the way it did with 2.x

  3. Cheers Toxie – I’ll check that out. I think I read somewhere else that there was such a thing – I’ll just need to set up and FTP account for it to work I suppose

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