Updating the band site

It seems that I’m in the process of combining two of my favourite activities: brass banding and farting about on the internet.

After some sterling work over the years by our old PR man Ray, it is now my responsibility to maintain the Carlton Brass website. Since its inception the website has been lovingly hand-crafted and uploaded onto some free hosting. However, I’m a lot more lazy than Ray and so I’ve decided that I may as well take the opportunity to move the site onto some proper paid-for hosting while updating the website to make it a little more modern-looking and easier to maintain.

I’ve been using WordPress for a few months now and I’ve come around to the idea that it’d be a pretty good platform to use for a small site like ours. I can create my own pages and update it much easier than having to make each page myself. The new version also has some built-in gallery features (which I haven’t actually tried yet) so future events will be much easier to document.

I’ve bought the hosting from SiteHQ (my host here too) because they’re really nice people and they’re good value. Both of those things appeal to my Yorkshire sensibilities! I’m almost sold on the idea of using PressBox as the theme – it’s a lovely, simple design and works excellently. I’m still playing around with modifying parts of the design to better suit our needs but I much prefer this layout to most other themes I’ve seen.

It’s going to be a huge change from the old style! It’s looking a bit dated now but the old website has done wonders for our band and Ray has worked really hard on it over the years. Hopefully the new website will allow much easier updating and will allow multiple authors, so it’ll be quicker and more convenient for everyone.

I expect to attempt to transfer the domain over next week. Let’s hope that everyone likes the new design!

By rutty

Tall. Likes brass bands. Tests your software