General Chunterings


Fucking kids on scooters :XThe image you see here is of the nice dent that some little scrote inserted into the side of my car with his scooter.

I was a little worried how much it was going to cost for repair, but it’s not turned out too badly at all. I took the car to Gary at Car Doctors which is only a hundred yards or so from where I live. He has a man that does his bodywork repairs, and seeing as the dent was creased Gary suggested that he’d have to beat it out then fill it and skim it, or something like that. There was no way that the dent was going to just pop out and be unnoticed.

Anyway, I took it in yesterday to be done and picked it back up today. You cannot see where the dent was at all – he’s done a perfect job, and for only £100.

Thankfully, the young chav that damaged my car in the first place is going to be paying me back. Apparently he’s been doing extra jobs to earn enough money to pay for it, and I should think so too. Little shit.

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