Ubuntu Linux

I’m a curious little sod, so it’s of little surprise I suppose that I’ve tried another Linux distribution on my home PC. This time I’ve had a go at installing Ubuntu Linux a curiously named variant of the Debian distribution.

I found it ridiculously easy to install. It has an easy to follow text-based installer which successfully found all of my hardware and even included my existing Linux installations (in other partitions) into GRUB.

It comes with Gnome which I’m not so familiar with but I have found a really good Ubuntu Guide which has helped no end. I’ve been able to successfully get the latest Ubuntu application releases (not necessarily that up to date – Firefox is still at 0.99) and the installation of the nVidia driver was really easy. I didn’t even have to drop into console mode to install the nVidia driver, I just used apt-get. Piece of piss!

I found this even easier to install than Mandrake. it doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles that is included with Mandrake, but it is a very lean, uncluttered distribution that will be fairly easy for me to get to grips with.

My next task will be to install Cedega so that I can play Half Life 2 on the Penguin. I’ve got it working already under Slackware but performance isn’t all it should be.

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