Trent Bridge

Trent Bridge

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It’s been a bloody gorgeous weekend. We’ve had constant blue skies and mild temperatures and I’ve taken the opportunity to get out and about.

Yesterday we visited Crich in Derbyshire. I’ve visited Crich quite a few times – we used to have a Brass Band contest at the Tramways Museum – and there’s a lovely monument up on Crich Stand. You get some lovely views from up there.

Today was spent visiting the lake around Highfield Park on Nottingham University Campus and also a quick trip to the Victoria Embankment. I’ve taken quite a few pictures and one of Trent Bridge is shown here.

It wasn’t all joy this weekend though. We’ve both been infected with the lurgy. We assume that we’ve contracted a strain of the flu from the daughter of a friend of ours who had her inoculation recently. Probably just a cold though, neither of us are really that bad.

We also had a rather upsetting experience at Trent Bridge. We noticed this old guy heading towards the riverside clutching his chest. He was carrying a plastic bag which clanked when he put it down so we thought he was just a drunk, but there was something about the expression on his face that suggested he was really ill.

We went to speak to him to see if he was OK. It turned out that he was having severe chest pains but he’d taken some medication to combat it. He’d had two previous heart attacks and suffered from angina. Jo was particularly worried, being a nurse and all, and thought that an ambulance was in order but it turned out that this guy just didn’t want to go to hospital.

“I want to die” he told us.

We’d phoned for the ambulance but because he didn’t want one they wouldn’t come. He looked awful but he thanked us for asking after him before wandering off further down the riverbank. There was nothing else we could do for him.

We watched him for a short while, along with a couple of other people that had seen him earlier. In the end we just had to leave him to his own devices.

I don’t know what happened to him but I hope that his inhaler had the much needed effect and that he’s OK.

Poor bastard

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