You know, if any of these terror organisations around the world ever wanted to infect everyone with a deadly virus then they could pick one very efficient delivery system: children. Small ones.

We had some very good friends over to stay at the New Year and they have three kids. One of these is an absolutely gorgeous two year-old and one of my favourite photo subjects. She also had a cold – “sniffles” – while she was here and now, so do I. Except, of course, my version of this little infection is near to deadly.

OK, so I’m exaggerating but I’m off work and not happy about it.

Little Dorothy has managed to bring me down, and Jo too to a lesser extent.I may have passed this onto several other people. It’ll just be like Survivors, you’ll see.

I’m currently sucking on a Strepsil and drinking Max Strength Lemsip. There’s no need to feel sorry for me.

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