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Well, here I am in Toronto again.

This City always impresses me. There’s nothing to really compare it to in the UK. We don’t have the same collection of tall shiny buildings even in London and the feel of the place is totally different to anywhere in Britain.

We’ve been on a bus-top tour of Toronto today and we’ve been all round the main touristy areas, and I’ve seen loads of places that we’re sure to visit over the next two weeks. I’ve taken plenty of photos, despite the bouncing of the bus, and uploaded them to Flickr already – click the photo on the right to see that picture and the rest of the album.

I could spend all day walking around downtown taking pictures of buildings. Some of the reflections are amazing and I’ve had plenty of choice for targets. I’ve messed around a bit with different angles and I think I need to revisit a few to rotate them a little.

That’s all for now. I have some bottles of Rickards on the fridge with my name on.

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