Toronto or bust

Well, I’m probably bust anyway but what the hell. I’ll be heading off to Toronto this coming Sunday and I’ve been a relative hive of activity over recent days getting myself organised. I’d purchased the flight a few months ago but everything else has been done this week. I’m spending Christmas and New Year with my sister, her husband and my two lovely nieces – three weeks of fun with family!

I’ll be heading down to Heathrow via a shiny coach from National Express. Unfortunately I’ll also need to get to the bus station by 05:45 on Sunday morning! I’d have travelled by train but there aren’t any that leave early enough for me to get to Heathrow and still make the check-in. Still, the bus is only £34 return compared to the £63 that the train would have cost me, or £120 each way that a taxi would have cost.

I’ve also bought travel insurance via the excellent Kelkoo site. I bought the cheapest one (Yorkshireman remember) but the coverage seemed pretty comprehensive – I’ll be covered for expenses should the plane get hijacked too. It cost £21.54, which was way cheaper than the Norwich Union’s £35.39 – they didn’t make happy.

My Canadian dollars are on order and I pick them up tomorrow, plus I’ve already bought all my family’s Christmas cards and will be posting them on Saturday. They will be impressed that I’ve been able to think so far ahead here. Christmas presents will be bought in Canada for the Canucks and I’ve already bought all the presents I need to for the Brits.

At this point I’m fairly certain that I’ve forgotten something. I’ve got plane tickets, passport, cash on the way, travel insurance and bus ticket. I don’t need a visa for Canada, I’m covered for emergency medical expenses and I’m staying with my sister so hotel bills are not going to be a problem. I just have a nagging doubt that I’ve forgotten something….

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