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I was having a wee in a public toilet the other day and a thought crossed my mind while I was washing my hands. Why do they insist on always having a hot tap and a cold tap? You only ever really see a mixer tap occasionally and they’re brilliant – they can give you a nice run of warm water with which to wash with, whereas the normal hot tap does it’s best to strip the skin from your fingers and who has time to put the plug in and fill it up with some hot and cold water?

Now, I always wash my hands after going to the loo. I do my best not to piss on my fingers, but it’s good hygiene to give the old digits a scrub once mother nature has called. I never eat those free nuts or pretzels in bars due to the sheer number of blokes who seem incapable of maintaining simple personal hygiene. It just makes more sense, and more economical too, for there to be a mixer tap.

This ends this morning’s Too Much Information post.

  1. Witnessed. 😐 Always crosses my mind when scalding my hands from the hot tap, throwing me hands from hot to cold. 😉

  2. You really do have too much time on your hands, don’t you?! Glad to hear about your advanced level of male hygiene though…

  3. THat’s why I live in Finland. I have never seen seperate taps, it is so nice having ‘warm’ water. Not ‘freezing’ or ‘boiling’ just warm. Tepid if I feel like it.

    Going back to the UK sickens me.

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