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Today’s the day. Or, maybe not

Today, Tuesday the 15th September 2009, is our due date. Our little Ruby is officially ready to be born and I’m about to become a father.

Holy shite! Is it nine months gone already?

I have little moments of realisation of what is to come. My impending fatherhood, sleepless nights and the responsibility for another life. These realisations jolt me back into reality in a very, very good way. I’m ready for this. I want it. I need it.

Ruby isn’t quite ready yet, though. Jo is looking in exceptional health at the moment and our baby is content in the womb, although she’ll appear at some point in the next 12 days whether she wants to or not!

I’m ready Ruby. Come to Daddy, and be good to Mummy on the way out.

  1. Best of luck with everything ! But sleeplessness isn’t always part of parenthood, I can tell you, as our son slept through the night when he was eight days old. He started on eight hours then worked his way up to twelve in a very considerate fashion

  2. I like the sound of that! We’ll see if we can get her settled quickly – expecting limited sleeping opportunities in the first week or so 😉

    Hope you’re both well. A friend of mine started working for Ciena recently – guy called Howie Brace. Has Al been working with him do you know?

  3. We’re all great thanks. Al has just flown off to Glasgow ( or was it Dubai?!) this morning but I will ask him when he rings later.

    Good luck with everything !

  4. Well it ensured Adam was born on the due date all right. And don’t listen to people telling to stay away from the business end of things; the ultra squeamish Al watched every second and said he wouldn’t have missed it for worlds !!

    I kept my eyes shut though ;-(

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