Tips on sartorial elegance

I’m not one to be too fussed about being smartly dressed or wearing fashionable clothes but I do like the look of some of this “geek chic” stuff.

I’m not a 100% full-blown geek but I like to dabble. I had a ZX81 back in the day followed by a ZX Spectrum, and I’ve had a love of computers ever since. Not a physical love, you understand. That would make me a nerd.

Anyway, I was reading this article by Wil Wheaton, he of Stand By Me and STNG fame-dom, and he linked up the following t-shirt:

That thing, right there. is all kinds of awesome. I ordered one (sorry Jo) and it’ll be with me in 1-3 weeks.

There’s some great stuff on that site too. Clothing to warm a geek’s heart.

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