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Throw a cat on the barbie Bruce

Those Aussies have a very sensible approach to pest control. If it’s alive, you can eat it. This is true even if the pests are feral cats:

Australians have come up with a novel solution to the millions of feral cats roaming the outback – eat them.

The felines are the descendants of domestic pets and kill millions of small native animals each year.

A recent Alice Springs contest featured wild cat casserole. The meat is said to taste like a cross between rabbit and, perhaps inevitably, chicken.

But wildlife campaigners have expressed their dismay that Australia’s wild cat now finds itself on the nation’s menus.

It seems a pretty good solution to me. They already eat kangaroos and I don’t see this as too big a leap. They’re wild animals after all and not domesticated.

It’s not all good news though:

This outback cuisine does come with a health warning.

Scientists have said that those eating wild cats could be exposed to harmful bacteria and toxins.

Ach – bacteria and toxins. Not much different than heading down to your local McDonalds then

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