Three generations

I spent the weekend up in Leeds, and had the pleasure of having lunch with my dad plus Uncle Ken, who’s my (late) Grandad’s brother. He’s in his late 80s, but still in pretty good shape by the look of it, and it was fantastic to have the three generations of Rutt’s round the pub table together.

Uncle Ken is the last of his generation in my family, at least as far as close relatives are concerned. Most have made it into their 80s, which is good news for my potential longevity, and there’s not much history of baldness either. I may, however, suffer from high blood pressure, glaucoma and prostrate problems. I can live with that.

It was especially nice to see him in such good health. Obviously he’s getting a little frail these days, but he did seem in fairly good fettle. This was the first time in over 20 years that I’ve been to his house in Halifax, and I really hope that I’ll be visiting again before too long. Halifax is in a lovely area – Calder Valley is beautiful, and Halifax itself is more like a big village than a town. This is one of my favourite places and well worth a visit – Bronte country is just down the road (Howarth) and there are some spectacular views of the Pennines.

It was a good weekend in all. I got to spend some quality time with my mum too, plus she makes the best breakfast sarnies, even better than Megacobs (and they’re bloody lovely).

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