Thou shalt not display the commandments

The US Supreme Court has ruled that Courtrooms shouldn’t display the ten commandments as doing so would be “unconstitutional”. This has got something to do with the separation of religion from state, or something.

I’m neither American or religious, so I can’t say I’m too familiar with all this, but I read this story and wondered why they had to make any sort of ruling about this anyway. I’m assuming that they still make people swear an oath on the bible when they testify (or whatever other religious document you may want to swear on) so why make a complaint about this at all? It seems to have caused a bit of a stir between certain religious groups and secularists in the States, but why spend the money to bring this to court when it’s just so trivial?

In fact, I’m not entirely sure why this even made it to the front page of the BBC web site. Must be a slow news day.

They’re weird over there, and yet they think that we’re the eccentric ones.

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