Things to do in London when you’re alive

Westminster Abbey

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This last weekend saw Jo and I spend a couple of days in the Capital. We’ve both been before, but there was plenty still to see that neither of us had seen before. So, we decided to be tourists.

Luckily we’d been able to get one of those £26 rooms in the Travelodge in Covent Garden. I can’t think of a more touristy area to stay in and to get the room so cheaply was a big Billy Bonus. It’s a shame that there was so much noise from the binmen at the crack of dawn, plus the bed we had was spectacularly uncomfortable. Not the first time I’ve slept in a crappy bed in a Travelodge – far too soft and lumpy. Still, worth £26! I would not have paid the full price of £95.

We bought tickets for one of the bus tour operators, the Big Bus Company. It seemed expensive for £22 each but there were two very long tours we could take and we could hop on and off as much as we liked. There was also a free ride on one of the boat tours from the Tower of London to Westminster, so pretty good value if you think about it.

Our guide, Fraser, was excellent, even if he was a little deluded on where he thought that the capital of the North was. For some reason he reckoned it was Liverpool. Pffft.

Over the two days we managed to fit in the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, the Tate Modern and the British Museum and we also visited Westminster and St Paul’s Cathedral. We got to St Paul’s a little too late to get in – 4pm. Not sure why they closed so early. We loved the British Museum – such and amazing place – and I was seriously impressed with the Tate Modern.

I found Westminster Abbey a little disappointing as a building. Sure, there are hundreds of famous, historical people buried there but as Cathedrals go it’s not as impressive as, say, Lincoln Cathedral. Worth a visit for the various memorials but it’s so packed with people and they do not let you take photos! I was gutted. I could take as many photos as I liked in Lincoln. What gives?

Still, I managed to take over 800 photos while I was in London. Westminster Abbey is shown here.

Still so much to see too! We’ll be sure to visit again soon

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