Things may seem odd for a bit

There’s not been a lot of activity over here for a while but I hope to be posting more often very soon. I’ve had an extremely busy few months, what with getting married and trying keep my job and all that, so I’ve not really had either the time or inclination to be posting much at.

However, life is starting to normalise again. It turns out that I’ve had three different job offers from our company’s reorganisation interviews and I’m going to be staying in my current post. I’ll be working out of our Coventry office instead, but at least I’ll be employed. I see that as an extremely good thing!

Life just seems to be getting better and better here in Nottingham. We’re not going to be moving away from here even to shorten my commute. We love the area and there seems no point in moving while Jo can get the bus or cycle to work.

In other news I’ve updated WordPress to the newest version 2.6. I even managed to do it with the minimum of fuss for a change without breaking anything. If you see anything odd happening with the site then please let me know. However, I’m intending to mess about with the site template over the next couple of days (and about time too!) so things may well start to look a bit skewiff for a while.

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