They must think that we’re idiots

I’ve received an email today purporting to be from Barclays Bank. It’s warning me that I should take care because unscrupulous people are sending out emails claiming to be from your bank, when in fact they’re only after your banking details.

The email went like this:

Dear Sir/Madam,

Barclays Bank PLC. always looks forward for the high security of our clients. Some customers have been receiving an email claiming to be from Barclays advising them to follow a link to what appear to be a Barclays web site, where they are prompted to enter their personal Online Banking details. Barclays is in no way involved with this email and the web site does not belong to us.

Barclays is proud to announce about their new updated secure system. We updated our new SSL servers to give our customers a better, fast and secure online banking service.

Due to the recent update of the servers, you are requested to please update your account info at the following link.,00,102.html

J. S. Smith
Security Advisor
Barclays Bank PLC.

I don’t even have an account with Barclays.

What makes this such an ineffective Phishing attempt is that they’ve failed completely to provide a link to a fake site. They introduced a fake Barclays link that goes nowhere but then forgot to use the source code to direct it where they wanted.

Whoever has sent this has to be the shittest internet crook ever.

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