They found me again

I moved the blog over to a new directory a few months ago. I did this for a few reasons, but mainly because I felt that I wasn’t really blogging that much anymore and that I’d be better off putting a Pixelpost blog in the root of the site to showcase some of my photography.

Well, since then I’ve not really added many photographs and I’ve hardly blogged here at all.

However, there was one boon to my relevant inactivity and site move. The spam stopped, or at the very worse calmed down to a trickle. I hardly got any spam comments and trackbacks any longer. This was down to two things – the fact that my comment and trackback scripts moved and that I was no longer pinging some of these blog update sites.

This was great! While it lasted at least. Unfortunately the buggers have found me again. I made one post a few weeks ago and the spam started up at full throttle. It’s all a waste of effort on their part as it almost all ends up junked, even with only the default Movable Type spam protection enabled. The few bits that scrape through I catch immediately and junk them myself.

This means that if my junk filters provide a genuine commenter with a false positive spam result then I may miss that comment in amongst all the genuine spam offering herbal remedies and preteen snowmen (I was surprised by the latter too!).

I’ll be updating Movable Type to the new version four soon, once I get the time, so we’ll see if there are any improved spam tools in that. I know I can manually configure the comment and trackback scripts to be called something else, but I’m lazy and so far the junk filters are doing their bit.

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