The view from the play mat

The view from the play mat

The view from the play mat, originally uploaded by rutty.


OK, so I’m using an “artless” shot for my 365 today but I’m trying to use the project as a reminder of my 2010 and I think this is probably more pertinent than many previous shots.

No, really.

Well, as is evident from many of my earlier photos we have a small baby and she spends an awful amount of time requiring entertaining. We do this in a multitude of ways but one of my favourites is to place her on her play mat while waving various toys around and making silly faces. I also sing and make strange cooing sounds.

You’d think that this would be a frightening experience for such a young girl but she seems to like it.

At the moment she’s trying to slobber over everything and pull Jo’s hair as frequently as possible. She loves laying down on the bathroom rug while we shower and is a big fan of being thrown in the air. When I do the later I risk being showered in sick/sputum/both.

Life is good.

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