The spam has stopped

The internet has been a rosier place over the last 24 hours. Hell, 30 hours. I’ve not had a single spammy comment attempt at all over that period – not one! This is bizarre because I’d had well over 1000 attempts over the previous two week period, then all of a sudden, it stops. It’s like I’ve been taken off a list or something.

I’m hoping that these bastards have died in a horrible, painful accident. In fact, I hope they’ve had a horrible, painful accident somewhere remote and they’ve survived only to be eaten slowly by small rodents with very blunt teeth. While being shat on by lemurs that have eaten a bit too much fruit. Yeah.

No doubt they’re having server troubles or something, but other bloggers have also noticed the lack of spam.

I’m thinking that they’re giving us a few weeks of spam-free existence then BAM! More spam than you can shake a shitty stick at. Don’t bother – try advertising legitimately rather than raping people’s websites.

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