The Library Bar and Kitchen

Jo and I had a fantastic meal out last night at one of Beeston’s finest eateries – the Library Bar and Kitchen on Wollaton Road. We’ve been here a few times before as the food is delicious and very well priced. It used to be termed a “Swedish Tapas Bar” but now seems to have forgotten about being Swedish and just aiming for general deliciousness.

There’s still mostly Tapas-style food on the menu and we decided to choose from that for our meal. We had some absolutely gorgeous Curry Battered Monkfish with pea purée (a Library signature dish) and some superb Chorizo Sausage wraps, among other similarly lovely dishes. I washed mine down with some of my favourite Belgian beer – Leffe Blonde.

Their own website seems to have died for some reason but it’s directly opposite the Lace Mill if you’re interested in going. The decor is nice and contemporary with lots of leather stools and some sofas for lounging around and drinking your wine in.

It’s probably the nicest food you’ll find in Beeston. Even tastier than the Victoria Hotel.

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