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The Lace Mill

The Lace Mill

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I wish I lived in here.

This building is on one of the main roads into Beeston (Wollaton Road) and has to be one of the most gorgeous apartment conversions that I’ve ever seen. It’s an old lace mill, originally called Anglo Scotian Mills. The facade is absolutely magnificent and really puts the rest of Beeston’s buildings to shame.

The first phase of conversions are now almost sold out. The only remaining apartment left is one of the penthouses, and that’s going for about £240,000 – a little out of my range!

They’ve got further phases to come but these will be in some of the lesser magnificent buildings behind. They’ll still be rather nice though I’m sure.

The developers have been very clever. They’ve maximised appeal by using an interior designer to decorate each apartment and have used quality fittings throughout. They’re clearly aiming at getting professional people buying into this and I’m kind of disappointed to have missed out. It’s just not the right time for me to do it – another year and I’d have had a chance I think.

Oh well, maybe phase II. Or maybe other places beckon – who knows?

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