The Lace Mill

The Lace Mill

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Ah, once again I find myself taking photos of The Lace Mill.

I’ve said it before, I love this building. I’m utterly, utterly jealous of the people lucky enough to have bought apartments in here. It’s a magnificent building and a wonderful reminder of the manufacturing history of Beeston.

I get to see this every day. I walk (or, more recently because I’m getting lazy, drive) past here on the way to work and I live only a minute’s walk away. I can’t help but want to take pictures of it, especially when the weather is nice.

In fact, apart from the CN Tower I think this might well be my favourite building that I’ve photographed so far.

I’ve got a while set on Flickr that’s just chock full of photos from here.

Many of the photos in that set were taken in the Marketing Suite. I was lucky enough to be asked to take some photos of the Suite due to a lucky accident in Google rankings. I had blogged about this building back in May last year and Google had placed my site right under the official site. When the people selling the apartments saw my photos they figured that I might make decent enough attempt at some marketing photos for them.

So, I turned up and took some photos of kitchens, bedrooms and various other aspects. They’re are some large images on the front of the Lace Mill – not all are mine but there’s a couple that are, plus I’ve noticed that they’ve used a couple in some leaflets.

I felt very honoured to be picked to do this and it’s spurred me on to improve my photography skills. I’ve since bought a digitial SLR camera (Canon EOS 400D) and took this image last week. I’m sure I’ll have a go at a few more too!

I’ve not given up hope on buying an apartment in this complex. There are two further phases being completed – one new build and one conversion – and I’d just love to move in here at some stage. Finances permitting of course.

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