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The kicking of shins

I’ve got quite an eclectic mix of musical tastes but my most listened-to music often uses that most iconic of instruments – the guitar. I just love those hefty, gritty chords ripped out by some talented axeman.

My collection includes a lot of rock and metal. There’s a real pot pourri of genres – everything from from Jack Johnson to Slayer and everything in-between. If it’s good, it’s good and I don’t care if the band are some mirror-loving megastars or some spotty teens recording folk rock in their Dad’s basement.

I’m always pleased to rediscover old favourites too. I had a Rory Gallagher album on vinyl but since I no-longer have the ability to play those old records I’ve not really listened to his stuff much recently. Luckily for me eMusic had Live at Montreux in their catalogue and I downloaded it. It’s every bit as good as I expected. The guy was an utter genius with the guitar.

If you’ve not heard anything by him before here’s a rendition of Shin Kicker:

He died much too young but still made a huge impression on the blues rock scene. Check out his other stuff if you can – I’ll certainly be watching the sales for some second-hand albums

  1. A great player, studio stuff are all worth getting but the live albums, Irish Tour, Live In Europe, Stage Struck etc are must haves. Luckily FOPP used to have them all cheap before they shut down.

    Don’t know about the white slip ons though 😉

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