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The joys of Psychoneuroendocrinology

Love dies. You can’t get away from it. Once the first year or so of a new relationship has passed the chemicals in your brain no longer give you that feeling of euphoria that you had the first time you clapped eyes on your partner, so says new research by some Italian geeks.

The University of Pavia found a brain chemical was likely to be responsible for the first flush of love.

Researchers said raised levels of a protein was linked to feelings of euphoria and dependence experienced at the start of a relationship.

This means that your brain is making you feel happy when you meet your beau. There are increased levels of nerve growth factor (NGF) proteins that make your heart go boom buddy boom buddy boom buddy boom buddy boom boom boom, as Peter Sellers would no doubt say. You’d better hope that once these things wear off that you actually have a decent relationship at the end of it all, otherwise it’s dump-city for you.

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