The Islands

Centre Island

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Yesterday was a family day, so we were still lacking a visit to one of those dodgy bars with pictures of racy ladies outside. Maybe tomorrow.

Instead of a strip joint we took the kids to The Centre Island, one of the 14 islands that stretch out into Lake Ontario. It’s a short ferry ride to the dock of the island during which we get some spectacular views back towards the city. It was a little hazy so the pictures I took didn’t look so great, but I already have some of that view from last year. No biggie.

The islands are great for kids. There’s loads of park space and a couple of playgrounds plus stretches of sandy beaches too. My nieces had a great time while we had a picnic before pushing other kids off their favourite part of the climbing frame in the playground.

My girlfriend and I disappeared off on a tour around the island for 45 minutes where we were driven past the “clothing optional” beach. I was tempted to stop but I didn’t want the other guys there to feel too inadequate. Sadly several grassy banks prevented us from viewing the tanning lovelies but I did get to see some fat bloke wearing a skimpy white thong. Which was nice.

Tour finished, we headed off for a walk around the boardwalk and an over-prices ice-cream before catching the ferry home. We all really enjoyed it.

Today was spent walking around down-town drinking the occasion beer and watching the football (Spain were lucky, though looked pretty decent in stretches).

Tomorrow is party time at the Duke of Gloucester where we have tickets to watch the England game with other rowdy footy fans.

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